New Study of Art Business Training Providers

Artists need business training.  Here’s a study of who’s providing it.


Students at an Arts Business Institute workshop

Students at an Arts Business Institute workshop


Recently, the Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation and the Pave Program in Arts Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University released a research report titled “How Its Being Done: Arts Business Training in the US.” The report was commissioned in an attempt to better understand the range of professional practices that were available to artists and how they worked.

Approximately 78 organizations who provide some type of business training were identified, including The Arts Business Institute, which was named as one of only three art business training providers teaching entrepreneurship for artists on a national level.

Most organizations that work with artists to develop business skills cater to a local audience. The organizations studied are a quite diverse group, with different missions and structures. They range from guilds and arts councils to colleges, professional groups and website-only programs, and are made up of both for and nonprofits.

Some of the programs are in-person. Others are consultation-based or are online learning, such as e-courses. The Arts Business offers this entire range of learning opportunities.

Although it was not the focus of the study, it was noted that due to the many in-person learning opportunities available, the authors felt that “personal observation indicates that active learning in a group workshop is more effective than reading material passively online.”

We encourage artists to investigate available business training opportunities that may work for them. The full report can be read and downloaded here.


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