New Year’s Resolutions for Artists

The end of the year is almost upon us; a good time to review what happened in 2011 and what we plan for our businesses in 2012.  Some artist friends share their New Year’s resolutions. 


Do you have big plans for your art business next year? Perhaps getting serious about producing your work and taking it to a higher level? Are you working part-time and want to make the leap to being a full-time artist? That can be stressful, but it can also force you to focus on doing your best work, making your line saleable and connecting with potential buyers.

We polled a lot of artists, asking them what they wanted to tackle most in 2012. Some of the most popular answers:

  • Start a new line or collection of their work
  • Attend more retail fairs
  • Have professional photos taken of their portfolio
  • Perfect their website
  • Learn more about wholesaling and get started
  • Expand into new markets with their work


My New Years Resolution is . . .

I am working to make my shop completely eco-friendly in the New Year.  Jessica Boehman

Using tags to make it look even more like a business, and even more like a ‘designer line’ of jewelry…. and help with branding.  GalleriaDiGiani

For 2012 I will continue to strive for balance between making a living and artistic freedom . . . between being connected with and respectful of with my inner world and yet open to dialogue, to collaboration.  P Gurgel-Segrillo

Figure out what my signature style is and where that’s going. Find new markets and target some higher end customers with my improved skills and the best materials.  Diane Townsley

Do an advertising campaign for the new line.  Esra Knitella

To paint more, and to offer art clinics with my experience in business that will help artists obtain commercial contracts within the corporate arena and the private sector.  Phyllis Miller

Spend more time creating and less time with the paperwork! Paula Jerome 

To keep all art world email replies and callbacks within a same day period. My routine of ‘Call back Tuesdays’ will be replaced by “Call back the same day as long as its before 9pm” Roc Cayard


We’re moving towards building a larger ground floor studio and retail building.   Charles and Rowan Hughes

To smile more and spread my knowledge of the glass arts to more people this year.   Annemarie Stanesa

Build your community and connections!!!!   Judith HeartSong

New business cards reflecting my new mood and new shop name were just ordered yesterday.  Cathy Picone


I am going to get my work in a gallery outside of my own state of Florida. Wendy Durand 

Be more focused and productive in rich creative work. Spend more time marketing, meet deadlines. Get sleep. Get in studio by 9 am. One more thing – I promise to write a blog page at least once a week. Now to post it all on the fridge! Lorna Shepard

Learn and use more social networking strategies. We started with a few in 2011 and have had good results. 2012 is the year to try more. Dave and Mindy Spray

 Muster up boldness to go out and offer my artwork and jewelry to galleries. Ruby Javier

Whats your New Year’s Resolution?

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