Artist: Judy Orcutt

Because of my botany background in pharmacy, this was a natural for me. Identifying the floral elements that I used to enhance the quotes, poetry, and my own writing was important to me.

The Importance of Pricing Consistency

Knowing how to price and staying consistent on that price puts an artist in control.

Artist: Sandy Feder

My own workshop has a very large glass kiln and I have access to larger equipment if the custom glass will be larger than my current capacity

Understand the “Why” of Owning Your Art

Successful artists cultivate collectors by appealing directly to their emotions, and this means that to re-create those emotions, you must be digging deep into the “Why” of collecting and the experience of ownership.

Artist: Dina D’Argo

At the core of my work is always a message of our spiritual connection to nature and appreciation of the many living things with which we share the Earth.

Artist: Ruth Porter

Artist Ruth Porter turned a hobby into an art business with theme-inspired images. We spoke to her about her work and how she grew her sales. ABI: How did you get started making “memory mosaics”? RP: It all started when I attempted to create a unique valentine’s day gift for my husband. I wanted to […]

Artist: JoAnn Graham

I am striving to achieve my own sense of harmony and balance that allows the wearer to witness the connection between the client and hand of the artist.

Artist: Rinal Parikh

I enjoy portraying paintings depicting my childhood memories back in India though Warli style.

How to Display Your Handmade Work for Maximum Sales

Have a spectacular piece of high-end work that is perfect as the center of attention? Create a display using it as the star, but with lower-end items around it.

Artist: Deborah Mores

I love to apply bold colors across the papers and many times the vibrancy and flow suggest the topic that seems to pop into my head to cut out.