5 Great Reasons Artists Should Write a Blog

Pearl Blay

Pearl Blay

Guest blogger Pearl Blay of The Beading Gem shares her insights on blogging and the benefits for artists.




Got a craft business? Check. A website? Check. Websites are undoubtedly essential for any small business. But they tend to be static, displaying just the essential information. The next thing to consider is a blog to go along with the website. An active blog keeps your website dynamic and breathes life and character into the marketing aspect of your business.

What a blog can do:


1. Publicize your business from a personal perspective. Blog posts can, at the very least, update your customers on what’s happening – where your next show or workshop will be, what sort of collection you are working on for the coming season and so on. With the right kind of posts though, a blog will, over time introduce you, the artisan, to people. In an age where so much of what we consume is factory made, many people respond positively to the chance to get to know the real person behind hand made creations.

2. Share your passion  Artistic people often work in isolation. Not many friends and family tend to be as passionate about your craft as you.  It can be lonely not being able to communicate at length about what you do without boring someone. So a blog helps you reach out to those who like what you create and perhaps are just like you wherever they are! Who knows? You might find someone who shares your interest right in the next town. Or perhaps it could even lead to a collaborative project with another artisan. You wouldn’t know the possibilities unless you try.


Soda Pop Can Earrings


3. Showcase your latest work.  People adore eye candy. So give them lots of gorgeous pictures of your work to look at, straight off the press as they say! This keeps them coming back to your blog and website for more. You do want them to return, right?

4. Gather Feedback. Interacting with your fans is really about building your own community. They love what you do so why not give them a place where they can tell you and others why they admire your work. Sure, it’s flattering to read the compliments but there is more than just the showing off. The comments can sometimes help guide you in future projects. If a particular collection seems to garner a lot of attention, then consider making more pieces. That kind of feedback is invaluable.


jeweler's bronze coiled wire necklace 500 px


5. Help Others Out.  It’s not about giving away your trade secrets but about sharing little tips and tricks to hobbyists and those starting out. It helps keep interest in your art form alive and thriving. This also establishes you as an expert. It will build respect in the community and again, people are encouraged to come back to your site. For some, it might lead to a teaching sideline. If you admire other artisans, then say so. They in turn will appreciate the publicity and the chances are, they will return the favor.

Make it entertaining and informative, sprinkle in some wow factor and you’ve got the basic ingredients for cooking up a great blog!



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