Pet Portraiture as a Business

Pet lovers know how important their animals are to them, both as companions and family members.

These artists offer commissioned pet portraits, created in a variety of different styles and mediums that range from whimsical to realistic, that suit every taste and preference. We spoke with them about their techniques, how they market, sell and develop relationships with their clients. Click on each name to visit the artist’s own website.


Pet portrait collage by Catt Kyracou. See it at

Pet portrait collage by Catt Kyriacou


Catt Kyriacou

I love animals, especially dogs, and I love to both paint and draw them. When I use paint as a medium for my “pawtraits” I prefer to create more colourful effects, rather than reproduce the exact colours of the animal I am working on.

In my charcoal and pastel artworks, I keep the drawings more realistic. I love the softness and subtleness of the blending of this medium. My main focus are the eyes, aiming to capture the spirit of the animal I am painting. I work from high quality photographs when I am creating animal “pawtraits”.


Pet portrait collage by Kartik Bhatt. See the article at

Pet portrait collage by Kartik Bhatt


Kartik Bhatt

I predominately paint in watercolors in a loose style only suggesting details in my work. The natural world is a passion and I paint a lot of animals. In recent years my pet portraits have become popular, and I sell these mainly through my shop on Etsy and through social media.


Pet portrait collage by Laura Rothstein. See the article at

Pet portrait collage by Laura Rothstein


Laura Rothstein

I am a digital realism artist. I create my work from reference photographs onto a blank canvas. My art is inspired by the human/canine connection. The artwork I do is entirely an emotional purchase. For most of my clients, their dogs are the most important beings in their lives. Being a dog lover myself, my clients and I have already established a unique bond.

I want my client to see my artwork of their dog and say, “YES! That’s my dog!” That is exactly the way he/she looks at me and smile every time see their portrait. Pet portraits are a timeless testament and tribute to another soul that brings us so much happiness. I am lucky enough to have found my purpose for being and giving to others through my art.


Pet portrait collage by Rae Marie Mujica

Pet portrait collage by Rae Marie Mujica


Rae Marie Mujica

With a love of pastels, I have found a perfect blend of loose realism and color to capture that special look of my client’s beloved furry family member. Clients send their photos via email and we discuss the composition and their color preferences. Once the portrait is complete, a donation is made to the customer’s favorite pet charity and the image is shown across the social media landscape.

Pet events and farmers markets enable me to show my work and offer an opportunity for clients to sign up for my newsletter and a chance to win a gift certificate towards their Playful Pet Portrait.


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