Pinterest Tips for Artists

Pinterest logoThis visually rich site gives artists a great opportunity for exposure.




Are you on Pinterest? Use these tips to gain the most from your experience:


1. Pin your own work, and other stuff, too. Pinterest changed their terms of service and no longer frown on users pinning their own images. That means you should share your art – but also share other images that you like, whether they are art, food, sports – or anything else that pleases you. 

2. Get the bookmarklet. Pinterest offers a convenient link for your bookmarks bar to make it easy to pin images you find. They have a mobile one for iPhones, too.


Pinterest button

3. Use Keywords. Pinterest is searchable, so make sure you describe your pin clearly. Use words that make sense for your business, so your boards can be found. When you create your Pinterest profile, use keywords there also, and include your website address.

4. Make it easy. When you pin an image, describe it, and share the link in the description. Even though people can click on the photo, this reminds them to click.

5. Customize your link. You might be pinning an image, but want to redirect the link to another page. Your About page, or a landing page on your site, perhaps? Click on “Edit Pin” and make the changes that you desire. 

6. Get feedback. Want to know if images from your website have been pinned? Type in this link to see which of your images were pinned and by whom:

7. Get even more exposure on Pinterest by including a price for the item into your description. That will add your pin to the “Gifts” section on Pinterest, which categorizes gifts into price ranges. That way your work shows ups, and viewers will know if your art or craft fits their budget.

8. Encourage others to pin your images. Put a “Pin-It” button on your website. WordPress users can upload a free plug-in here

9. Receive notifications. Find out who followed and re-pinned you. You can design your Pinterest settings to get an email when you gain a follower or your images are repinned or a comment is made. This gives you an opportunity to follow back, comment, share and spread the word.


ABI Pinterest Board Collage


10. Follow, comment and share. One of the best ways to get more people to view your boards is to follow them. Pinterest allows you to find friends and invite people to follow you. Follow boards that appeal to you, share their images and make comments. This social media platform lets you grow your network like branches on a tree, and isn’t “linear” like Facebook or Twitter.

11. Opt out. Don’t want images from your website pinned by others on Pinterest? You can easily block users by adding a bit of code to your site, which is available in the “Help” section of Pinterest

12. Ask for followers. Why not pin a badge on your blog or website inviting visitors to follow you on Pinterest? Find out how to do it here

13. Use good etiquette. Give credit for images you pin, and don’t be a spammer. Those are just a few tips for being a responsible pinner that you can find in this useful article from Marketing Profs



Artists whose work appears on our sample Pinterest board above: Carl Hoffner, Daria Salus, Annamarie Sabo, Doreen Kassel, Francy Blumhagen, Gatski Metal, Amy Flynn, Cathy Broski, Hudson Beach Glass and Pamela Whitlock.

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