Provide Solutions for Your Customers

Art can be more than just something your customers love. It can provide a solution.


Providing Solutions for Your Customers. Read about it at


Business networking and sales expert Bob Burg hit the nail on the head when he identified customer motivation in his article The Two Reasons We Really Buy. He recalled a conversation with a mentor who stated,

People buy only two things: solutions to problems and good feelings.”

Art and handmade products definitely fit into the “good feelings” category, don’t they? In fact, when you speak with potential customers, you might emphasize that fact. Your work is beautiful, it’s unique, and more valuable because it has been made with skill, talent and love. That’s a wonderful thing. But it’s not the only reason to make a purchase.

Start thinking of ways that your work can provide a solution for your customers as well. Do a little brainstorming and identify needs they have that you can fill. That gives them another reason to buy.

Here are a few examples:

  • Do you offer very special gifts that are out of the ordinary and speak volumes about the giver?
  • Does your art work perfectly as a focal point or accent piece in a home or office space?
  • Does your portraiture help a grieving family memorialize a loved one?
  • Can you drop ship a gift wrapped item directly to a recipient?
  • Do you make heirloom pieces that can be passed down through generations?
  • Can you create a custom made piece of furniture to fit into a particular space in a room?
  • Does your handmade jewelry go easily from day into evening, providing a solution for a busy executive who needs versatility?
  • Do you make functional tableware that is not only beautiful but practical for everyday use?

Consider your target customer carefully to identify how they think, and what they perceive to be a problem or a need. If you have a niche in the bridal market for example, you know that brides need gifts for their bridesmaids, memorable jewelry for the wedding, the perfect floral arrangements, and even something blue. Work on providing solutions for the people most likely to buy from you.

If you design around the needs of your customers, or if you can identify how what you already make fills a need that they have, you can use those as selling points when speaking to prospective customers.


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