Put Your Best Foot Forward

What to include and what to exclude when presenting yourself and your work.


Handcrafted earrings

Handcrafted Earrings by artist Rachel Atherley


When putting together a representation of your body of work to be shown online, or as a selection to go to the jury, take a good critical look at it first. What is the weakest piece you have? Remove it from the group, so that you have the best possible portfolio to share.

What else should be excluded?

Anything that doesn’t fit well with your signature style and prevents your collection from being cohesive needs to be removed from your presentation. This includes work in another medium, or very different style that “clashes” with what you are trying to present.

Does your body of work include “orphans” that really don’t go in any category? Perhaps you have a beautiful portfolio of watercolors, but at one time produced a couple of charcoal drawings. These tend to confuse the viewer, and should be sidelined.

Don’t include everything you ever made. Present your best and most current work, that inspires you and that you are proud to share. Dated work that you no longer produce can be retired to the archives.

Your personal information should be shared in an organized way as well.

If you have a profile on LinkedIn, you don’t have to include jobs outside of being an artist. Sometimes people get the impression that your information on LinkedIn should reflect your resume, but that is not necessarily so. If you want to be viewed as an artist on that site, include only information that supports your art business. Listing unrelated jobs can be confusing and detract from your profile.

If you use Facebook to present yourself as an artist, don’t mix personal and professional posts. Otherwise, create a business page and keep that separate from your personal page.

All other social media profiles should follow. Keep them consistent, and brand them in a similar manner.


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