Put Your Best Work Forward

One-of-a-kind showcase pieces promote the rest of your body of work. Use them in your advertising to light a spark.



Advertisements don’t usually sell products. They command attention. They spur interest. They invite the reader to find out more.

Do you have a production studio, with collections of work that you make every day, and ship regularly – in other words, a “bread and butter” line? Would you include items from that line in your advertising or press releases? Perhaps.

But also consider making exceptional one-of-a-kind items, which reflect your signature style taken to a higher level than your everyday line. Use them in professionally taken “glamour photos,”  which will have a greater chance of being published in the press. This gives you an opportunity to tell an exciting story about that piece, your inspiration, and your business. Wow your audience and make a statement about your talent as a designer and artist.



Your one-of-a-kind pieces showcase your abilities and your vision. They may not sell on a regular basis, but what they can do is grab the attention of prospective collectors who will purchase a less expensive item from you because it fits their budget. They may want to “trade-up” to more expensive work from you in the future.

Having a broader price point spread gives you the opportunity to capture more than one audience. There are collectors who spurn less expensive work, simply because in their eyes there is less value. A high-end collection as well as a more moderately priced line gives you flexibility.

Use one-of-a-kind pieces to help your galleries sell your entire body of work. A spectacular piece  surrounded by your regular line grabs attention while offering less expensive alternatives to shoppers. You may make special arrangements to consign that one exceptional piece of higher-end merchandise with the gallery. In return, request special placement in their store display. If it sells, you will have a gallery account which sees the market for higher-end work from your studio.

Other benefits of making one-of-a-kind showcase pieces:

  • Enter them into art shows and exhibitions
  • Feature them on the home page of your website
  • Use your studio time when creating one-of-a-kinds to experiment and try new ideas
  • Use these images on your business card, brochure and marketing materials
  • Feature them prominently in your retail and wholesale booth displays

How else do you use one-of-a-kind pieces that you create? Have you increased sales volume in your own business this way?


Photos courtesy of Niche Magazine: Cuff bracelet by Sana Doumet; Glass art by Ed Branson. 

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