Sales Aids for Trade Shows

Get ready for your next trade show with these helpful ways to promote and share your work.

Whether you are sending out a pre-show mailing, setting up your booth or interacting with buyers directly, use these tools that will help make your line memorable:


Art Postcards


Postcards are an artist’s best friend – and there are many ways to use them in your marketing plan. Check out 25 of them right here.


Booth Signage


Booth Signage with terrific images grabs the attention of trade show goers. Hang them near the front edge of your booth, where they can be seen all the way down the aisle. Find more info on great booth signage right here.




Photos, in an album, lookbook or even on an iPad, can be used to show your collection and how it can be used in different environments. These can be “in situ” photos which give the buyer a whole new experience of your work.


Video in trade show booth


In-booth video can run a loop that draws in viewers to see your extensive collection, possibilities for display, merchandising or even “in situ” images as well. Videos can be used on your website as well.


line sheets


Line sheets are a must at your trade show. They will show your entire line, with descriptions, item numbers and prices. (When you ship orders, provide additional line sheets without prices to allow your wholesale customer to show your line to customers without revealing their costs.) Provide your terms as well, so that buyers can be ready to write orders easily.


Business cards


Business cards are standard fare, but every buyer should be carrying some of their own. If you get nothing else into a buyer’s hands, trade them your business card for theirs. Then, do a post-show mailing that may include brochures, line sheets, catalogs and other materials to share your entire collection.

All of these materials can assist you in bring your work to the attention of buyers and giving them information about yourself and your line. But sales aids can’t do all the work alone. Once you have identified a good wholesale prospect for your work, stay in touch with regular emails and follow ups to keep your work in front of them and make your collection memorable. Many times buyers need to see artists and their work a number of times before making that initial purchase.


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