How to Book an Art Business Workshop

The Arts Business Institute presents workshops all around the country for artists and craftspeople who want to build their businesses. Here’s how it happens.


ABI Workshop Classes


It can start with just one person, an artist or supporter of the arts, who wants to help others struggling with the challenges of launching or growing their small creative businesses.

It can start with guilds, art organizations, or art schools interested in bringing a workshop experience to their students and members or the artists in their area, and fulfilling their mission to be of service in helping artists and craftspeople succeed.

An email or a phone call to start the conversation about a potential workshop is all it takes to find out how to bring a one or two-day Art Business Institute workshop to your area of the country. We partner with all types of groups, and offer other benefits in the form of scholarships, personalized consultations at workshop events, and even an “Access to Market” program that helps take interested artists from the studio literally into the realm of the wholesale marketplace.

Small business is a dream that quite a few artists and craftspeople have, but it can be difficult and confusing. And without a clear plan or understanding of the industry, that small business dream can end in failure.

There is a great need in the artist community to learn about the business of art. One reason this need is so strong is that business concepts and practices are rarely, if ever, taught at art schools and in university programs for Art majors. Most of the faculty at those learning institutions are not full-time artists, and they may not have the knowledge or experience themselves to teach others about the business side of art.

What are the different possibilities for artists and craftspeople who want to sell, and how can small creative businesses thrive? How can you as an artist create a successful body of work, find your audience, reach them through effective marketing and make steady sales? Our programs are finely tuned to fill the needs of artists who have an existing body of work and are ready to take it to a higher level, launching or growing their businesses.

Interested in bringing an art business workshop to your area? Reach Executive Director Carolyn Edlund at or 410-977-2915.

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