Sell More Art by Talking Benefits

When speaking with prospective customers, put yourself in their shoes. What really matters to them?


Selling the Benefits


Your customers love what you do. They enjoy your artwork, and purchase it. Some even become collectors!

But make no mistake, what matters most to people is what they want. It’s truly all about them.

When you talk about your handmade work, focus on your customer by addressing the benefits that they will enjoy when they make a purchase, rather than keeping the entire spotlight on yourself, your background, or your technique.

What are benefits? Here are some examples: 

  • The batik silk scarf you created is hand washable. What does that mean to the customer? That it’s easy to care for, and requires no dry cleaning.
  • Your jewelry is made of argentium silver. That means it’s highly tarnish resistant – which requires much less maintenance than sterling silver. A wonderful benefit.
  • The giclee print you are selling comes as a “gallery wrap”. The benefit?  It’s ready to hang, and requires no framing, so they don’t have to be concerned about any framing cost at all. What a relief.
  • The present your customer is buying may be returned or exchanged for the next thirty days, no questions asked. If it just isn’t the perfect gift for the recipient, no worries – they can send it back.

Consider your current collection. Take a look at the “features” of your work and then list the benefits. How they can make your customer’s life easier, offer convenience, or peace of mind when purchasing?

Once you know the benefits of your work, think of ways to easily present these to your potential customers. Include information about the benefits in your brochure, line sheet, website, signage and in conversation with customers in your booth. Then observe the difference that it makes in your sales.


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  1. I just recently changed my product listing text to use this tip. Instead of the subtitle saying “Dimensions” and only mentioning the ability to hang gallery-wrapped canvas (with painted sides) without a frame within the paragraph, the subtitle now reads “Needs no frame” which is more descriptive, more personable, and more succinct.

    I would add that sometimes the bonus things that customers ask for can become your paid “optional upgrades” for future product listings. I now have an optional “wiring fee” that is a convenience and over half my customers add. It doesn’t add that much in profit for me, but it makes the process easier for them.

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