Sell the Experience

Want to know how to sell your work more effectively online? Start with the experience.


Detail/In Situ Collage


Have you ever shopped online for clothing or shoes? Websites like have a simple formula for shoppers: show everything, as clearly as possible, and give the customer a complete experience. It’s like virtually trying on the shoes.

Choose a pair, and you will see an uncluttered photo, with a “zoom” feature so that you can look it over with a fine tooth comb. Other images available are the top of the shoe, the sole, the heel, and all the way around. Lots and lots of photos. This type of selling technique instills comfort in the customer, because they get as good a look as possible at the prospective purchase. Uncomfortable customers don’t buy; comfortable ones do.

How can you translate this into selling your own work?

Use detail shots, to share intricate details of a glaze or texture of wood. Photograph that silk lining sewn into a pocket, or the special stitching you use as a signature touch. Capture the very essence with that close-up of your work that shows just how special it is. They may even see a fingerprint!

Use in situ photos which portray your work in an environment where it belongs. Your painting shown on the wall of a home or office allows the viewer to judge the scale, to see how it interacts with other colors in the room, and to imagine bringing your artwork into their own home or office. Show your hand thrown casserole in a kitchen environment, perhaps holding a delicious meal hot out of the oven; they can easily see how beautifully it fits and functions.

Use a zoom feature on your website to allow a close inspection of every part of your work, and to make closing the sale just that much easier.

In this way, shoppers can virtually “try on your art” by having a more complete experience of it. And since customers are looking for things that they love and connect with, this is an excellent way to give them what they need to seal the deal.


Art credit: left, Carol McIntyre, right, Charan Sacher

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