Shipping to Customers? Put These in the Box

Make impact with the packages you ship by wowing your customers with some fabulous extras. How many ways are you adding value to each product you ship?


shipping boxes


Branded packaging – Use your logo and signature colors on boxes, hang tags and packing that comes inside the box. This gives a professional look and makes your handmade gift even more special.

Thank you note – Ideally, use notecards that bear your own design. Write a personalized note to the customer. Personal notes are very thoughtful and memorable.

Certificate of authenticity – If you are selling original art, or a reproduction, you might want to include a Certificate of Authenticity listing you as the artist, with a title, date and limited edition number if applicable. Then, sign it.

Sweets – This is a very small but nice touch. Include a tiny wrapped piece of candy, just to say “thanks” and share a smile.

Your catalog – Do they want to buy more from you? Well, of course! Be a smart shipper by including your full catalog. If you don’t have one, insert a sheet with a few photos to give a taste of it, and a QR code or link that leads to your full offering online.

Your business card – Actually, include two or three. One for your customer, and more to share with friends!

Are you using recycled packaging? Let them know. Either on the outside or the inside of the box, include statements that add value, such as “we use all recycled packaging materials to be eco-friendly”.

Your story – Prepare a short paragraph or two which you can print out that shares a bit about you as an artist. Include a small photo perhaps of you working in the studio. This is a great add-on for a gift. Everyone loves to receive something that is handmade, so share your technique and inspiration. Don’t forget to include “Made in America”.

Coupon for next purchase – Give an incentive for repeat sales by including a coupon in your box. Want to offer free shipping on the next order? Let them know. But include a cutoff date to give a sense of urgency to the offer.

Coupon for a friend – You want repeat sales, but you also want referrals. When you include a coupon for a friend to get a discount, free shipping or other offer, you are spreading the word and building your business with new customers.

Cross-promotion for your partners – If you have created strategic partnerships with artists or others, you can help promote them by including information and a recommendation in your order. Those partners can do the same for you.

Notecards – Are you shipping an original painting or a print? Include blank notecards and envelopes that have the purchased artwork on the front. This will encourage your customer to use those notecards to share their newest “acquisition”. Be certain to have your name and website address listed on the back of the card.

More art – Artists have been known to add a small piece of art, or a print as a bonus with a large piece they are shipping. This little “thank you” is a generous and wonderful way to make an impression that won’t be forgotten.

Gift wrap – If you offer a gift wrapping service that is paid for, you should definitely wrap your handmade item and include a gift card, mailing to the recipient. Shipping to a foreign country? Don’t gift wrap anything, as it will likely be opened by customs. Or, include branded tissue, wrap and ribbon so that the buyer can wrap your work after it arrives.


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  1. ohhh…there are some great suggestions here…thanks!!

  2. I ignored pretty packaging for quite some time because I feel when I receive it that it’s wasted on me. Recently, I started working with someone who insisted that everything was wrapped as though it were a holiday gift. Although what I’d done in the past was more than sufficient, my new approach speaks to my respect for my clients. And, also, they are able to forward on multiple pieces without having to fuss.

    • Thanks for this insight and sharing your thoughts with our readers! You’re right, it does speak to the respect that you have for your customers when you package things beautifully. It’s part of the experience of your work.

  3. I also like to include a postage paid postcard of the image the customer purchased. With this the client can give their initial reaction, plus it lets me know they have received the work without any problem.

  4. Sending extra little freebies with a cute magnetic business card and a small note with my logo on it to let them know I appreciate that they chose my work for their special gifts. The freebies are related to the item and are usually bookmarks with an image and signed by me, or a 1/2 postcard with an inspirational quote and image.

    Ribbon and stickers with my logo are also used. When I have received things in the post, it’s such a pleasant experience to open a pretty presentation – the feeling is happy and memorable, money well spent 🙂
    That is how I want my customers to feel about my products too.

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