Should Artists Use LinkedIn?

Known as a serious business community, LinkedIn can be a helpful resource for artists too.




Want to establish yourself on a social media platform that is known as an outstanding networking tool, and can lead to making great business contacts? Consider LinkedIn if you are not involved yet. It will definitely help you address the “business” side of being an artist.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Create a profile. Your profile isn’t the place to write a resume of every job you ever had. If you want to establish an identity here as an artist, include only art-related training and experiences. Here’s where you can establish authority in your field and have it as a permanent, public profile that others can access any time.
  2. Use your photo. A headshot is important, and it’s best to have a professional-looking photo here. This will help you present yourself well, and be memorable to contacts you will form on the site.
  3. Show examples of your art. LinkedIn allows you to upload portfolio shots, and even create a header with your artwork featured. You can even include a video on your profile for extra impact.
  4. Connect. Start with people you know. Invite them to become a connection, and begin building your network. LinkedIn has 300 million members, and is one of the top ten most popular sites on the internet. If you agree that it’s often who you know that can bring results to your business, then this is the place to be.
  5. Get recommended. Ask others to give you a testimonial or recommendation. You can recommend others as well. These enhance your profile and your credibility.
  6. Post updates. Updates are sharing opportunities to link to your work, a blog post, recent news or a discussion topic. These can be liked, commented on and shared by others in your network.
  7. Get introduced. Have you identified people you would like to know better and can help your art career? You can ask for an introduction from someone in your connections who has a link to the desired party. Then, send a message and start the conversation.
  8. Join discussion groups. LinkedIn is filled with groups, many of which are art-related. Meet people there who are professionals, including peers, mentors and potential customers. Find the types of people who can move your business forward or share resources with you, and then work on building lasting business relationships with them. Want to meet curators? Architects and interior designers? Art educators? People in your niche? They are all there.
  9. Share your link. Although networking is definitely not all about self-promotion, you will have opportunities to drive traffic to your own website there. LinkedIn tends to send quality readers who will definitely appreciate a professional website presentation.


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