Smart Strategy: In Situ Photos

In situ photos have many benefits, and should be an important part of your portfolio presentation. Here’s why.


"Panhandle Falls" by artist Tom Hanson

“Panhandle Falls” Acrylic on Canvas by Tom Hanson, 9′ x 9′, Panhandle State Bank, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho


“In situ” is a Latin phrase translating to “on site” or “in position” and photos of this type show artwork or handmade items in their environment. This is a useful way to suggest to your audience how your work should be shown, and the places where it is appropriate.

The photo above shows Tom Hanson’s triptych “Panhandle Falls” which is perfectly placed in a corporate setting, and also conveys that his large-scale paintings are right for commercial interiors. Photos of this type can also document that your work is in fact currently in those settings, adding authority to your credentials.

In situ photos can also share the scale and impact of the art. How large in this piece in a certain space? It is the focal point of the room? How does it fit into decor that uses neutral colors, or other colors? There are even smartphone apps that allow you to place your artwork on a specific wall – for example, in the home of an interested prospect who wants a preview. Now, that’s a powerful way to make a sale!

In situ photos can also suggest a particular way to display work, or a grouping that looks terrific together. This can increase your sale without using words, only visual presentation.


Multi-colored handwoven scarf by Linda Blissett

Multi-colored handwoven scarf by Linda Blissett


In situ photos can also show function. The scarf above by artist Linda Blissett is shown on a model, and displays one of the ways her handwoven piece can be worn. Other photos might have the scarf worn as a shawl, or even another function, such as using it as a throw on a sofa, etc. When you can show multiple functions, you add value to your work.


Do you use in situ photos in your own art business? How could this work as an important tool in your marketing plan?

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