Spread Your Price Points

Appeal to customers with different budgets by using some of these strategies.


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When you have created a body of work that you want to market, it’s important to have a strong idea of who your core customer is. Who does your art appeal to? Who responds to it, in person or online? Who would buy from you and why?

Your prices should be consistent and within a range that is affordable and desirable for that targeted customer. But you may also want to sell work that is more expensive or less expensive to pull in other customers who could be interested in your work.

How can you structure your offering and your prices to capture more sales?

Move your work into a higher-end niche by creating one-of-a-kind and limited edition pieces that command a price point over and above your regular collection. Do you create a line of production work? Spend some studio time on individual projects that inspire you. Frequently these are complex, or larger works that may lead to ideas for production collections.

Share this work in progress. Show your OOAK/limited edition works on your website in a separate category. Display them in your booth space in a way that sets them apart as higher end, or use them as showpieces to draw interest for your regular production work.

If you want to capture sales from a lower-end customer, you can add smaller or less complex works to your line that allow new customers to “buy in” to becoming a collector. As they continue to collect, they can “trade up” for more expensive pieces.

How can you sell at a lower price point without damaging the perceived value of your line? Consider offering a vastly different design look that does not compare to your “bread and butter” line. Or, you could brand a lower-end collection with a different name entirely which isn’t associated with your business name.


Have you successfully spread your price points to capture new business? What was your strategy?


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