Stay Focused on Your Business Vision

Having a vision for your small creative business is exciting and empowering. Stay focused to make it happen.

Stay Focused on Your Business Vision


Imagine how you can do what you love, share your work with the world, and earn an income.The vision you create for your business as an artist or maker is exciting, but it must be realistic, too. Take a close look at the dream you have and how it can fit in with your obligations, your experience and your individual situation so that you have clarity going forward.

Determine your ability to work toward starting or growing a creative business given your current and expected future circumstances, and plan how you will be able to follow through. Doing this type of “reality check” will allow you to set SMART Goals for building your business, and reach them.

Does this mean that if you are limited in time or space or ability that you cannot start a small business? Absolutely not. With ongoing action, you can start a business even if you only have very limited resources. It may mean that you start a bit smaller, and your timeline may be longer.

Taking action is an essential part of realizing your vision, because it leads to results and inspires you to continue. Talent and ability are wonderful, but persistence is the most important trait for entrepreneurs to have. There are many outstanding artists and makers out there, but not all of them are successful, or even selling any work at all. Talent is not the biggest factor in success. Persistence is.

Put one foot in front of the other and work with determination and purpose. This will serve you better than anything else you can do. No matter the amount of work you can put in on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, your efforts mount up, and you can achieve goals this way.

Having a realistic and workable vision for your small business means that you understand what you can do, that you don’t expect too little or too much of yourself, and that you don’t become overwhelmed by lofty and impossible ideals.

Staying Focused Can Mean Saying “No”

Defining your vision and setting goals for your business are activities that help you take charge of things. You are the person who is in control, and that’s how it should be.

Sometimes, in the course of building your small business, other opportunities appear from different sources. They may be tempting, and they may offer income. But, before you jump in any new direction, think first. “Does this opportunity align with my vision and my goals?” If it does not, it is most likely in your best interest to say “No.”

Projects that don’t align closely with your goals often act as distractions that can lead you off course. For example, if you are planning to start a production studio, and you accept an offer to teach a children’s art class at a summer camp, it could completely derail your plans. That means that you aren’t in charge any more. You are allowing chance (or other people’s needs) to divert your energy and your time. That sets you back in achieving the goals you have set.

If you allowed yourself to get distracted by these offers, you may find that instead of fulfilling the vision you have for your own business, you end up helping someone else fulfill the vision they have for theirs. And is that where you want to be?

You are the one who has the power to make decisions for your small business. What will you do, and not do, while you are pursuing your dreams?



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