Streamline Your Time

Spending too much time on paperwork and the computer? Use these tips to trim your schedule and get back in the studio.




Email got you down? It’s easy to get overwhelmed by your inbox. Stop “reacting” to email during the day by constantly checking your computer or your phone. Set specific times to pick up your messages and answer them (perhaps twice a day). Unsubscribe from social media notifications, blogs and mailing lists that you don’t find useful. If you have multiple email addresses, get rid of extraneous ones and therefore the need to check in several places for your email. Answer email that is urgent only – and save other responses for a designated time once a week or so that you have designated for this purpose.

Confused on passwords? Don’t waste time searching for passwords or the place you wrote them down. Using a password service like LastPass, RoboForm, or 1Password keeps all your passwords organized and secure, and can even generate complex passwords for you when registering at a new site. These services autofill passwords for you, saving time and hassle.

Save it with bookmarks. Want to save a great article to read later? Keep bookmarks on your computer with sites you want to revisit, or that you use on a regular basis. One click – you’re there.

Social media blues? Don’t go down the rabbit hole and get lost in the virtual universe of social media. Before you know it, hours have passed and you have to ask yourself if you really got anything done. Use tools to post across multiple platforms. We recommend BufferApp, which allows you to pre-schedule posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Their paid plan (called a Buffer Awesome account) is only $10 per month, which includes unlimited posting. Schedule your social media for weeks ahead of time, and get back to productive studio work.

Need personal organization? Pull together lists on ToDoist, or use the very popular Evernote, which syncs all of your electronic devices. Super or planning, budgeting, traveling and more. Plans start at free.

On the road? These smartphone apps will help your trip go more smoothly. Start with an organizer such as TripIt, which keeps all travel documents on one itinerary, and can include meetings and other schedule items. If you are driving, consider downloading Waze (which is free), which has a GPS plus updated with road hazards and conditions, and can help you find a nearby gas station, too. If you need to get online, use the Wi-Fi Finder app (also free), which will locate free and paid public hotspots for you. And while you’re at it, check out UrbanSpoon, to find local restaurants that suit your taste.


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