Studio Visit – Work in Progress

The Arts Business Institute asked some of our 2D artist friends to share their processes. They invite you to step into the studio, and explain their techniques. Click each artist’s name to visit their website.


Artist Paula Cortese painting


Paula Cortese 

My art blends both traditional and modern mediums to create an eclectic look juxtaposed with strong confident women as subjects. I like to parallel the bold expressions of my women with the surrounding color schemes using collage techniques. The strength and confidence of women is what I try to convey.


Artist Marcela Carvalho at work


Marcela Carvalho of Altera Studio

We mix computer-generated imagery or live capture of chaotic natural phenomena in multilayered Visual Music works. From these we create Sequential Art prints that freeze in time the nuances and details of the videos, making the motion work and the still images intrinsically connected.


Artist David Nevue drawing


David Nevue

I am a realistic graphite artist who specializes in commissioned pet portraits. Graphite allows me to capture the fine details of each animal’s unique character. The amount of time that I spend studying their reference photo and drawing their portrait makes me feel as if they are a part of my family when I am done with the drawing. My true passion of being an artist is being able to create a keepsake for someone that will be treasured.


Corrine Lapin-Cohen


Corinne Lapin-Cohen

Whether working in oil or vinyl polymer paint, silk threads, mirror or glass on canvas, I am always exploring. My passion guides me. I use a technique of “optical mixing.” Instead of mixing a color on my palette I apply single pigments in layers, allowing your eye to see through the layers and optically mix the colors. My art is a celebration of life. We were on vacation at the beach when my husband took a photo of me working on this painting.


Artist Jen Lee painting in her studio


Jen Lee

I love the journey of experimentation and unpredictable change and watch with intrigue at how different mediums react with one another. Acrylic, enamel, ink and resin are dropped, thrown, poured and blended on the canvas to produce a spontaneous and original artwork.


Yoyo Van Gemerde at the computer


Yoyo Van Germerde

I combine photos of women with images of flowers, wigs, armor, animals and historical artefacts. Anything really, to make my “Goddesses” come alive. Elements of my work are serenity, female strength and beauty.


Artist Sharyl Noday painting


Sharyl Noday

I make mystical oil paintings focusing on magical, spiritual encounters connecting Spirit and physical reality. Through this reflection, I strive to tell a story within the art, creating colorful narratives to encourage awareness. I love Spirit and physical life. Together, it’s like Heaven on Earth.


Artist Mike Saenz works on the computer


Mike Saenz

I tend to be chaotic in my sketches so that I can find accidental bits of inspiration from them. Before I became an artist I was studying medicine, so it’s given me a slightly different perspective on art.


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