Taking Artist Promotion to the Next Level

Getting publicity can be an ongoing challenge for many artists. This Australian company promotes artists through television programs, and is going international.


Graeme Stevenson and artist Alvaro Castagnet in an episode

Graeme Stevenson and artist Alvaro Castagnet in an episode of Colour In Your Life


Australian promoter Graeme Stevenson is the creator and host of Colour In Your Life, a popular half-hour TV series focused on visual artists. Each segment includes a visit to an art studio, with an interview and demonstration by the artist.

The seed of this idea literally woke Stevenson up a few years ago, when he realized that he could sell the concept to television stations while helping artists to get their work out there in video form. His background as an accomplished artist with more than 30 years experience put him in contact with many in the art community, and “Colour In Your Life” was born.

With eleven seasons of the show under his belt, Stevenson is making the leap into the US market this year. Over 140 artists have been filmed so far. The series is carried on many PBS television stations in the US, and is set for distribution to 30 countries worldwide.


Colour In Your Life episodes include demonstrations.

Colour In Your Life episodes include demonstrations.


Artists interested in being on the show must apply, and also bear a $6,000 cost for the episode. This is a substantial investment for most artists – but has huge benefits, too. Stevenson touts the staying power of video, saying “Unlike a magazine ad, this will never go away and will be there to promote your art career for decades to come.”

Currently, plans are in place for Colour In Your Life to film six artists in California, but the crew will be back in the United States next year to do more. Editing for each episode alone can take up to 80 hours from start to finish. Episodes are not only shown on television, but are always available on YouTube, and can be seen here.


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