The Art of Transportation

Three artists present portfolios that share their passion for the thrill and speed of driving and flying. Enjoy their work and visit each artist’s website by clicking on their name.


Painter Chris Osbourne is fascinated by celebrities and their rides. Read about Chris in "The Art of Transportation" at

Painter Chris Osborne is fascinated by celebrities and their rides.

Chris Osborne

Ever since assembling car models as a child, I have been fascinated with automobile design and its influence on our culture. My paintings (acrylic on canvas) feature personalities with the cars they owned, drove, were filmed with, or wrote about in prose or song. By staging figurative models and actual cars, each painting is developed from a design unique to my own vision, and enriched by exhaustive research and biographical study. Worldwide fans of classic cars, music, and old Hollywood enjoy my art; client commissions are frequent along with sales of prints and originals.


Aviation and the experience of flight is the focus of painter Tamara Smith. Read about her in "The Art of Transportation" on

Aviation and the experience of flight fascinates painter Tamara Smith.

Tamara Smith

Iā€™ve created a collection of aviation art inspired by the air bases and airports where I grew up, when I could look up and watch the planes flying overhead. I love the fantastical adventures people associate with these planes. I hope my collection of collage and oil airplanes inspires children to paint their cupcake colored daydreams on their bedroom walls and to remind adults of the adventures they once dreamed!


Artist Anne D'Alton's portfolio depicts racing and historical cars. See her work in "The Art of Transportation" at

Artist Anne D’Alton’s portfolio centers on auto racing and historical vehicles.


Anne D’Alton

With a mother who wanted me to be an artist and a father who encouraged my interest in cars and bikes, the end result was an artist who enjoys drawing and painting cars and bikes ā€“ and also driving rally cars, whenever possible! Art college gave me the qualifications to be an art teacher, but it wasn’t until I experienced driving karts, then bikes then single seaters and finally rally cars, that the real bug to become a motoring artist bit me! In 2019, I plan on hosting a motoring artwork exhibition, illustrating prominent rally drivers and their cars and bikes.


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