Tips for Selling Through Your Artist Website

What do shoppers need from you to say “Yes” to the sale?



How can you sell work online directly through your artist website? You need a cohesive line of art or handmade items, and outstanding images of your work. Plus, you must provide information for the site visitor. Your website must contain as much information as needed to help them gain a high comfort level, in order to make a purchase.

What type of information will you need?

Visual. When you shop online for clothing or other wearables, think of how vendors provide multiple views that help you “virtually try it on.” Selling your creative work should also share this type of helpful visual content, so the shopper can imagine owning your work. Detail shots, in situ photos and multiple views give the shopper confidence that they have seen the item fully, and feel good about buying it. When the customer is completely satisfied with their shopping experience, they are far more likely to buy.

Written. Full descriptions are important. Is your print on archival paper? Do you make your jewelry with argentium silver that resists tarnishing? List complete details about the features of what you make, focusing on the benefits to the customer.

You might have a page titled “FAQ” or “How to Purchase” on your website where you provide what your customer needs as far as logistical answers that affect them. How does your work ship? What are the freight charges? Are packages insured? Do you accept returns? Do you giftwrap? Do you take special orders? and other questions should be answered here in full.

Being responsive and providing great customer service is also essential. That means replying promptly to any emails or phone calls about the work you have for sale. Follow up on sales leads, and be prepared to share as much information as needed to assist your customer.


Why Should They Buy from You? Read about it at


One fine artist put together a specific page for her website that answers the question “Why Should You Buy My Work?” with a whole list of benefits to the customer. Some of her reasons:

  • You are buying directly from the artist – hearing her story, understanding her technique, through a conversation with her. This adds to the experience of owning her art.
  • She uses the highest quality materials – and explains what they are.
  • Her work is original and one-of-a-kind. No one else will own that image.
  • The value of her work continues to increase.
  • Owning original art allows you to express yourself creatively, and surround yourself with beautiful things.

The list goes on with more compelling reasons to buy her art. Clearly this artist has given a lot of thought to answering the question of why people should buy from her. Putting those reasons in writing shares this concretely with potential collectors, and adds to their comfort level.

People love to shop and they love to buy. Sometimes they vacillate and only need one good reason to tip the scales, and say “yes” to the sale. Make sure you provide what your customer needs to influence their decision when considering a purchase. A professional presentation and written content can help sell more of your art or handmade work.


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