Tips for Sharing Your Art on Instagram

by guest blogger Flora Dallas

With over 800 million users and an emphasis on aestheticism, we have seen Instagram create a social media marketing empire. How can artists use it effectively?


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Artists should consider this a marketing opportunity. Instagram offers an obvious platform to expose your work to a large following of people online. But, as multi-million dollar businesses move into the arena, it seems increasingly difficult for small galleries or individual artists to stand out in the crowd.

It’s a tricky situation, because it may be tempting to imitate the influencers and copy hashtags to raise the profile of your account. But this can lead to compromising your individuality in favor of getting likes (a death blow to your artistic creativity). When it comes to Instagram marketing for small businesses, the old adage “content is king” still rules supreme.

In fact, having a small business can actually give you an edge (if you go about it right) as your content is unique. Here are three useful tips to ensure that your posts will stand out over your more corporate competitors:

#1 Improve Your Equipment

The iPhone is wonderful, and keeps you connected with your friends and the world – but it really isn’t great at taking photos. In fact, this really applies to all smartphones across the board. The small size required of their cameras means that they pale in comparison to the real deals, the likes of DSLR cameras and their equivalents. For a platform to advertise your art especially, quality is absolutely essential.

Every shot you take has different requirements – depending on where you are, what the light is like and the purpose of your shot.  You’ll need a wide variety of settings and lenses to truly capture what you desire. For example, if you want to take a picture of an awe-inspiring starry sky, you’ll want the option to fiddle with exposure lengths, whereas for a sporting event you’d need quicker narrow lenses that can cope with the fast pace. The options are limitless.

You may be a little hesitant, asking yourself whether I’m really asking you to fork out thousands for camera equipment. For starters there are some very reasonably priced DSLR cameras out there just waiting to be picked up. Another alternative, however, is renting cameras instead. The options for rental have broadened in recent years, and include peer-to-peer rental services.

#2 More Is Less: Be Selective

In the early days of managing your artist Instagram profile, it’s easy to become overzealous. The temptation is clear. You know you have a bunch of great ideas and content to pour out into the world, and you end up using it all. After all, it can’t hurt to have a few more pictures, right? Wrong.

The problem is simple. When you share too much, people are overexposed and ultimately feel jaded by the constant stream of banal content. Even if content is great, to your average “profile window shopper” several posts a day is too many. Supply and demand applies to art, too. There’s no need to flood your creative niche too soon.

The solution is not hard, though. Just take a step back and think twice about uploading anything. As an artistically oriented individual, you know more than anyone about quality over quantity, and Instagram is no exception (despite its expedient nature). Keep your audience on their toes with fresh, on-brand messages and pictures that’ll be sure to keep your audience tuning in for more. Though individuality is key, topicality can’t hurt either. Keep an eye out for trending hashtags to widen the audience of your posts.

#3 Professional Profiles Require Professional Treatment

Instagram may be famous for its filters, but the fact is their artistic hues can be more of a hindrance than a help. It seems counterintuitive to avoid photographic enhancers, but if you use filters that are available to everyone, then you are immediately lumping your work in with the crowd.

Instead, try your hand with a program like Adobe Photoshop. It’s not hard once you get your head around it, and the images you will end up producing will truly leave you with a sense of pride and more importantly individuality. Working in a creative field requires that you become distinctive in your style and brand. Learning how to edit great photos will make that easier, and Photoshop has plenty of edit templates available that are vastly superior to Instagram filters and sliders.

It’s impossible to underrate the importance of creating photos with a professional look that your audiences will really appreciate. Sort that out, and everything else will follow nicely.


Flora Dallas Flora Dallas is a content writer for Fat Lama a UK/ US peer-to-peer rental platform for film and camera gear. The platforms aims to provide a cheaper and more efficient alternative to buying products outright or using a traditional hire shop. At the same time allowing professionals to make money hiring out their equipment whilst its out of use.



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