Tips for Testimonials

This excerpt from our popular e-course “Marketing for Artists & Craftspeople” shares information about getting and using those important testimonials from your customers.


Marketing for Artists & Craftspeople


When a customer agrees to give you a testimonial, it’s best to use not only a quote from them, but their full name and even their photograph, if you can obtain one. You can also use the name of their business or website to substantiate who they are, and the authenticity of the testimonial.

Always obtain written permission from the person giving the testimonial to use it in your marketing materials. Inform them of where you will be using their testimonial.

Getting a testimonial from someone who is a member of your target audience is best, so that others can relate to them.

They should write the testimonial in their own words.

Testimonials are great additions to your website home page, brochures, email newsletters and advertisements – even your email signature.

A short testimonial phrase, especially from a well-known person, can be very effective when placed below your email opt-in box to encourage others to subscribe.

A video testimonial is especially powerful. Your video can include one or more speakers. Consider using testimonials that you collect on a page of your website dedicated to what your satisfied customers have to say.

Of course, you should thank those wonderful fans who have given a testimonial on your behalf. You may be in a position to help them as well by giving their business a testimonial as well.



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