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Bruce BakerDon’t miss these excellent presentations from a master of the business of art and craft – Bruce Baker.




Bruce Baker, one of the most popular members of The Arts Business Institute’s faculty, has been writing, speaking and teaching artists for many years. Bruce started out as a metalsmith, creating handmade silver and gold jewelry, and established a highly successful business with a partner. In 1987, Bruce and his wife Nancie opened their first gallery, where he became very familiar with the skills needed to become successful as a craft retailer.

Being in a unique position to offer the viewpoints of both artist and gallery owner, Bruce brings these perspectives into educational presentations for artists. He is also a student of human behavior, which becomes apparent when he talks about the reactions and interactions of both parties to a sale.


ABI workshop


Display and Merchandising is a subject gallery owners need to understand well, as it directly affects their sales. Artists and craftspeople must also be aware of how to create effective displays, which can dramatically affect the outcome of their shows as well.

Bruce Baker has developed a CD packed with information about booth displays and merchandising for both retail fairs and trade shows. These two venues vary greatly. Presentation does also, as the retail public and trade show buyers have different interests and needs. For artists just getting into wholesale, this CD is essential for developing a keen understanding of how to plan a booth from the ground up before a show – not during the event, when it is too late to correct.


Craft show booth

How does your booth attract fairgoers? Are you using all available space effectively? What colors work best for a show? What about lighting? Bruce addresses all of these and many more topics in his CD, in a pleasant and easy to understand presentation.


Trade show shoppers


Dynamic Sales Skills, presented on another CD developed and narrated by Bruce Baker, gives artists and craftspeople brilliant tips on interacting with customers, understanding where they are in the sales process, and even reading body language.

How should you break the ice with a booth visitor? What does it mean when a potential customer has their hands in their pockets? And how can you bump up the sale by making it irresistible to your customer to buy more than one item from you?

Bruce Baker CD Bundle

We suggest you listen to these CDs to plan a successful show, and review them again on your drive to the show. They will prepare you thoroughly to set up your booth effectively, approach the event with the right attitude, and maximize your sales.

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