Trade Show Prep: Signage

Want to make your booth into an irresistible display that buyers flock to? Start with signage that draws them in. Here’s how to get started:


Jewelry booth


Image – A picture is truly worth a thousand words when you use it in large format in your trade show  booth. In the photo above, see how In Bloom Jewelry uses professional photographs of individual pieces of jewelry to show at a glance the design and appeal of the work. You can make the small items in your line become big statements that can draw a booth visitor from across the room.

Placed close to the outside corners of the booth, these signs can easily be seen from down the aisle. This enables them to catch the eye of show goers long before they reach your space, and give them a preview of your collection.


Art to Wear booth


Words – Share exactly what your collection is about by making a statement with your signage. Words are powerful, and can be used to indicate what you sell literally, such as “Art to Wear” above, or have a message about your “Unique Selling Proposition” (see Ben and Kate Gatski’s booth sign below). These written statements in your signage make instant impact to show visitors, and can make the difference that pulls them into your display.


Ben and Kate Gatski Booth


Color – Brand your booth and use signage that becomes an integral part of the display in colors that pop and grab the eye. Lilly Barrack’s booth does this perfectly, combining words, logo and large images to create an exhibit that can’t be missed.


Lilly Barrack Booth


What type of signage have you used in your booth? Have you found a strategy that has increased your booth visitors?

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