Trade Show Strategies: Setting Goals

Have you ever thought about setting a clear goal for your next trade show?


Trade Show


By having specific, measurable goals and creating a plan to reach them, you can track your progress and stay focused on attaining the results you need for your business. This gives you more control over the trade show experience and can increase your prospects and sales.

Your planning may include:

Creating a spreadsheet of prospective retailers that fit well with your work and your price points as prospects to contact and invite to your trade show booth.

Planning and implementing pre-show marketing, such as direct mail, social media and advertising to reach your existing customers and prospects.

Developing a show special to provide an incentive for buyers to place their orders at the show itself.

Outlining and becoming very clear on your planned presentation to buyers, which will focus on the benefits to the retailer (and also their customers), your terms, and your story. Know why your line should appeal to buyers and be able to speak clearly and concisely about this.

Gathering leads who show interest but do not make a purchase at the show, and setting a plan to reach out to them as follow up. This may include making phone calls, sending emails, etc. to keep those prospects in the loop, and give you opportunities to touch base with them again. A timeline is very important for this item, because you will want to start your follow up with leads promptly, within about a week after the show is over.

Goal-setting and planning by using these activities allow you to highly focus on what you want to achieve, and put yourself in a position to reach them.

What are your trade show goals? How will you work to make them a reality?

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