Trade Shows Go Mobile

What if you could direct buyers right to your show booth through a smart phone search? The technology is here – and it can work in your favor.


Increasingly, trade shows and retail shows are adding mobile technology to help customers and merchants find new products.

Astonishingly (well, maybe not to some of us), artists are not quick to grab this potential tool.

It only takes a few minutes to create an electronic profile and identify keywords that will help a shopper find your work. This is a tool to take advantage of.

Case in point: The Buyers Market has added a new digital floor map. Merchants who want to buy craft can click on it, and create their own map taking them directly to your exhibit booth.

Retailers who plan to attend the Buyers Market can begin charting their course on the show floor now. The digital floor map is already in place on the floor map on the show’s website.


Trade Show Floor


“We want to improve the shopping experience: The combined square footage of exhibitor booths alone is nearly the equivalent of two football fields,” says Rebecca Mercado, show director. “We’re excited to introduce mobile technology to help our buyers find the merchandise they need. When we say that the Buyers Market is committed to innovation, we are referring to even more than great new products.”

New exhibitors are being added weekly, and artists have begun posting their product keywords in the search list, to draw buyers into their booths. Some artists are slow to post their key words, however. Don’t be shy. How will the merchants find you if you don’t tell them where you are and what you make?

Meeting in person at a show is a time-tested method of starting and growing business relationships with galleries. Adding technology into the mix to maximum your show potential is a smart new method that artists can use to their advantage.

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