Using Testimonials in Your Art Business

What’s one of the best ways to meet new potential customers? Through referrals from your existing clientele.


Selling jewelry


Word of mouth is incredibly important to consumers today. So, if you’ve got happy customers, and even raving fans, you may want to ask them for testimonials.

Testimonials are a fantastic marketing tool for your art business. Use them as quotes on your website, in videos, in your brochures, press kits and signage, in your email newsletters or share them on social media.


Here’s how to get those testimonials:

First identify those customers whom you feel truly love your work. Have they had an experience of wonderful customer service? Have they been repeat customers? Email or call them and ask if they would be willing to give you a quote that you could use as a testimonial. Let them know where and how you would use it. Quite often, people are flattered and happy to accommodate you.

Ask them to write down a short sentence or two about their experience and what they love about your work. A heartfelt and simple message is most effective.

Then, get permission to use their first and last name after their quote, as this will appear more valid than initials or just a first name.

Bump up the impact of the testimonial by using a photo of your happy customer. And, to make it even better, use a photo of them holding or wearing your work.


Want to spread the word even further?

Consider trading testimonials with a referral partner. If you know of an artist or other business person whose line is complementary to yours, write testimonials for each other. Write your own concise statement about why you value or own their work, or use their services. Be authentic and give your honest opinion.

Writers employ this strategy frequently when reviewing each other’s books. You can take advantage of this type of partnership too! Send your testimonial for your partner out in a newsletter to your customer list. Write a blog post about them, share your testimonial on social media, or write a statement for their marketing material. As you work together to drive business to each other, you will both benefit and enjoy a mutual fan base for your work.


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