Very Pinteresting

Are you using Pinterest to spread the word about your art or craft? Here are 10 tips for making the most of your pins:

Profiled Artist Collage


1. Fill out your profile completely. Pinterest gives you space to share about yourself as an artist, describe your work and link to your website. Take full advantage of this opportunity to share!

2. When pinning an image of your work on one of your Pinterest boards, describe your pin in detail. Images with longer descriptions get more clicks. Use this space to help tell the story or background of the pinned image, or what is interesting about your art.

3. You can edit your pins at any time. If you pinned to the wrong board, want to delete or change descriptions, simply click on “edit” and make those changes. Or, add new content – even beef up your descriptions.

4. Use a link to your webpage in the description. Most people know that clicking the image will take them to the webpage, but this is a reminder, and also puts your URL in front of the reader.

5. Want to see if your artwork has been pinned? Check  by typing in to your browser (using your own website URL.) You’ll be able to see how many times individual images were pinned, and what people have to say about them. Respond to comments, and connect with new people who like your work.

6. Send pins you like to friends. Pinterest now offers a “Send” button allowing you to share content you think would be really interesting to friends and followers.

7. Gather more followers, and connect with influencers, by following them or making comments on other’s pinned images. Take the time to make an insightful or useful comment, so that people will be interested in more of what you have to say, and the images that you share on your own boards.

8. Use hashtags on your descriptions, with the # sign and a keyword in lowercase letters. This becomes a link, which is searchable. Creating hashtags makes your boards easier to find.

9. Create Pinterest boards related to your art, but with different content. For example, if you are a potter who makes serving ware or cookware, consider boards with food, recipes, beverages, etc. When people follow all your boards, you have readers who will see the boards you create for your collection of studio work as well.

10. Pull images right from your computer files by using Pinterest’s “Upload a Pin” feature. This adds images to your boards without containing a website link. Put a portfolio or collection together, showing the images you want without redirecting the viewer. Use descriptions to make the most of your message and the story you want to tell about each piece. And type in your website address to direct people to your site where you can invite them to subscribe to your newsletter, or follow you on other social media platforms.


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