Cool Tools for Artists: Wanelo

Every artist wants to get online exposure. Here’s one website that can really help you sell.




Pinterest is the fastest-growing social media platform ever, passing 10 million users after only 9 months. This visually rich phenomenon encourages curation – a hot new trend – and sharing, which makes it fun to not only find images that inspire you, but to pass them along. Pinterest is an excellent online tool for artists to get their work seen and start a buzz.

What could be better than getting that kind of exposure? How about sharing a la Pinterest – but with a shopping cart?


Wanelo new logo


Enter Wanelo. Earning its name as a shortened form of Want/Need/Love, Wanelo puts a focus on shopping, says Daniela Governatori, social media manager for the new company. She explains that members can upload images of their own work, and sell directly on Wanelo (no commission is taken.)

Although Wanelo members can save images to their collections that are not for sale, the site encourages them to collect images of items that can be purchased. Items for sale are the only ones that will be posted on featured pages called “Trending,” “Most Popular,” and “Just Posted.”

Etsy vendors love Wanelo – and more images posted on the sharing site come from Etsy than any other source. Retailers such as Anthropolgie, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and others are major players on the site, where clicking on an image provides an opportunity to make a purchase, or save the image to your own collection.



You may have guessed from the retailer sample that the demographic for Wanelo tends to be women in their 20’s and 30’s, who have disposable income. If that fits your target audience, you might just find a great source of referrals on this site.

Wanelo is great for creating a wishlist, and sharing with others who can simply click and purchase the products that are favorited. It works beautifully as a wedding registry as well. The bride and groom curate all gifts into one collection registry, which guests can easily shop for and buy on the spot.

Daniela Governatori of Wanelo

As an artist who wants to sell to this audience, be aware that the more you participate, the more opportunities you gain for exposure, especially when you follow other members and gain followers for yourself. Governatori explains that Wanelo has just improved their search function, which has the effect of “flattening commerce.” Small Etsy sellers can have trending products shown right alongside those of major retailers. They do not promote any vendors, but allow users to determine, by sharing, what becomes popular.

Wanelo links to other social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and StumbleUpon, giving images on the site a chance to be shared widely and even virally. The big bonus is the opportunity to make a sale any time your image gets seen.

One caveat – Wanelo can become addicting. There is currently no cure for becoming obsessed with this popular shopping site, and with mobile apps available, it’s bound to become a guilty pleasure enjoyed by even more fans.

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  1. This sounds like a really good way to show my work.

  2. I have just recently found Wanelo and I am still a bit unsure how it works as a social media but it is interesting and really addictive when you are browsing all the cool stuffs out there.

    I am selling my fantasy artworks at Zazzle so I thought I will save them to Wanelo to reach more people. This will be a fun experiment. I saw already many art prints from Inprints, original art from Etsy and some Zazzle prints too on Wanelo.

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