Way Out West

Western themes are the inspiration for these three artists, each of whom has their own unique style and interpretation of the culture and landscape.


Selection of artwork by Amanda Griffey. See her portfolio at www.ArtsBusinessInstitute.org


Artist Amanda Griffey uses colored pencil and graphite to create scenes that capture the heart of these unique people in an accurate, authentic way. She explains, “Images of the west embody the hard-working spirit of the American farmer and rancher. These men and women have a dedication to their work, land, faith, and families that is unparalleled.”


Selection of paintings by artist Gregory Peters. See his portfolio at www.ArtsBusinessInstitute.org


Painter Gregory Peters shares his thoughts, saying, “The American West is vanishing right before our eyes. It’s a beautiful thing. I embrace the vast land we call the West. This is my canvas. Farms, vineyards, abandoned vehicles, weathered wood, rustic barns and more make the country such a special place. My artworks display the West from the shores of the blue Pacific Ocean to the heartland and its surrounding deserts.”


Selection of artwork by Ute Vaughn. See her portfolio at www.ArtsBusinessInstitute.org


Ute Vaughn agrees. She observes, “The American West inspires me, because it is still one of the places where history is part of our everyday life. To this day you can find a true cowboy, search for lost Indian artifacts, and marvel at ancient petroglyphs. Combined with a beautiful color pallet of gold, purples and turquoise, mystical symbols and elements, this area gives me an endless inspiration for my paintings. My portfolio is a reflection of this theme, showcasing watercolor and acrylic paintings from bucking cowboys, mystical horses to pictures rock wall drawings.



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