What Inspires You?

Many artists create work that excites and interests them, and then find an audience to appreciate it. Other artists deliberately create for certain markets. The perfect balance is doing what you love, and selling to customers who love what you do.


Great Idea


Where do you find sources of inspiration?

Follow Your Bliss. What are you truly passionate about? No matter what your interests, there are other people who are kindred spirits. If you choose to create jewelry out of old bottles and bicycle inner tubes, or abandoned radiators because you care about reusing and upcycling, you will have fans who want to own your work.

Themes. Ever popular, themes relate to what your customers know and the lives they live. That’s why pet themes will always be loved, and babies will always capture our hearts. Do you make work that celebrates a theme?

Fashion. Fun and fickle, fashion is always on the move, and challenges many designers to creatively add their own twist to the newest styles. Are you on the cutting edge, always adding your own signature elements to a collection that is fashion forward?

Culture. Does your work reflect your ethnicity, your background or one that fascinates you? How do you interpret cultural themes and make them your own?

History. Are you obsessed with a certain period of history? From ancient to medieval to contemporary, how do you express yourself to your community and your collectors?

Fantasy. Are you a sci-fi fan who loves the escapism of lost planets and other worlds? Or do you embrace the idea of fairy houses or dream up tiny cottages where they might live? You are not alone, with legions of collectors in this realm.

Nature. The biggest inspiration of all, wonders of the natural world have inspired artists since the beginning of … well, art! From the largest whale to the smallest drop of water, nature in all its glory will never fail to spur creativity.

What inspires  you to create?

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