What Sets Your Work Apart?

Artists who rise to the top have work that strikes a chord with their audience, with a quality that invites collectors to purchase again and again. 


Color, shape and pattern give artist Charan Sacher's ceramic work a distinctive look.

Color, shape and pattern give artist Charan Sacher’s ceramic work a distinctive look.


What makes art memorable?  A distinctive look. Quality workmanship. An intriguing concept. Take a look at Charan Sachar’s ceramic work above. Inspired by the beautiful fabrics he remembers from his childhood in India, he uses hand building and slip trailing techniques to create an amazing collection that is totally his own. His art is different, recognizable, and collectible.

Are you looking to create a collection that others will be drawn to, and remember?

Use a signature style

As individual as your handwriting, the signature look of your body of work reflects your personality and the approach you take to creating it. This “signature look” says that this work is yours. The elements of your signature style should run through your whole collection. They may be reflected in the subject matter that you choose, your palette, form, color, technique, medium, or theme.

Having a distinctive, memorable portfolio is important. It helps you to stand out, gain interest from potential buyers and to brand your work as yours. It’s not hard to identify a mature body of work that has been built by an artist who has spent significant time going in a direction that inspired them.

Practice, explore and go deeply into the direction you have chosen to pursue in your studio work. As you go into this direction strongly, notice those elements that contribute to a style that is recognizable as yours alone, and will make your work memorable to others.

Keep it cohesive 

When your body of work is shown together, does it work harmoniously? Would any viewer know that these pieces belong together, and that they are made by the same artist?

If your work is too varied, you risk being perceived as a “Jack of all trades.” Displaying different mediums, styles, or techniques that don’t really work together is a serious mistake. A discordant presentation is confusing and will make people wonder, “What is it that you really do? Are you still trying to decide?”

You must know who you are as an artist, and present a cohesive selection of work to your audience. You may love knitting scarves and also taking photographs, but these don’t mix well as a presentation from one artist. Choose what you plan to share as your body of work, and keep it cohesive.

Come up with your concept, decide on your methods and your signature style, and do it well. You cannot be all things to all people. People want to buy from experts, not amateurs. What is it that you do that shows your expertise beautifully?




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