What’s the Most Effective Art Marketing Method?

Email marketing outstrips all other ways to reach your target audience and get results. Here’s why.


Computer work


When marketing your handmade work, you reach out to others to capture their attention and lead them to the possible purchase at retail or wholesale. Or, a possible reorder. Or, a contract if that is what you are seeking. But marketing is a cumulative activity, and you must connect with people over and over again before you are known, and remembered. The proven way to communicate over time most effectively is through sending email.

Why? First of all, because email marketing is permission-based, the people on your list have agreed to receive communications from you. They are already interested in what you have to say. And as you build your email marketing list, you are compiling an even larger group of people who are open to hearing from you.

Second, email allows you to accomplish the marketing basics. What are first steps before people buy from you? They must know, like and trust you. Through email, and sharing your photo, your story, and your work, you accomplish this over time. Consistent messaging and professional presentation are good methods to start to building trust as well.

Third, email marketing gives you control in a number of important ways. You decide when you contact the people on your email list, including the day and the time, and the specific message. You can choose a particular day when you expect best results, or send reminder messages to follow up and make more impact. And, your list belongs to you, not a third-party website owner.

Next, you get statistics to show you what’s working. Through using an Email Service Provider (like AWeber or Constant Contact) you get important feedback on who opened your email (and how often), and who clicked on which link in your message. This will help you craft even more effective messages going forward.

But what about social media? It’s certainly popular, and having a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or other platforms is a good idea. But, you have no idea who saw your post, or who clicked on your link, so this puts you at a disadvantage. A good strategy is to suggest people who Like or follow you sign up for your email list as well. This makes social media a prospecting tool to build your email list even faster.

The regular contact you establish through email marketing campaigns puts your handmade work front and center in the minds of the people you have contacted. For best results, send an email to your list each month, which will help in building relationships with your audience. When the time is right for a purchase, they are more likely to remember you, and more likely to buy what you make.


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