Who Is Your Customer?

The more you learn about your target customer, the better you will be able to reach them and make sales.


Who is your customer? Read our article at www.ArtsBusinessInstitute.org


How can you come to know your ideal customer? If you are just getting started, you can make an educated guess. Ask yourself:

  • Who did you design your work for?
  • What is its purpose?
  • Who is the actual customer? (If you make baby clothes, is grandma your customer?)
  • Who would use what you make, and why?
  • Who is the decision maker?
  • Will you sell to a couple or a group rather than an individual (such as family deciding on a memorial sculpture or funerary urn.)

Undertake some research to gather additional information. Find out who are the typical buyers for the type of work you make. For example, if you are selling greeting cards, you should know that the vast majority of buyers for this product are middle-aged women.

Then, be observant, and ask questions of prospective customers you are meeting face-to-face. You can learn volumes about what people think and how they react to your work.

Get in front of the public by exhibiting at art or craft shows, open studio events, trunk shows, openings, or any other events where you can present your collection and personally engage with others who are viewing it.

Shoppers will enjoy hearing you talk about yourself and your work, when they are considering a purchase from you. Ask them about themselves as well. This will help you gain a better understanding of who they are and what they value, so that you can market to them more effectively.

As you cultivate collectors, keep a record on each of them, to understand their preferences and their demographics. As you get a better idea of your target customer, you can revise that profile, and hone your marketing efforts to reach out to them in a focused way.


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