Sell More Work through Word of Mouth

Studies show that customers trust word of mouth recommendations far more than advertisements. Use these tips to spread the word, and increase the sales of your own collection! 




Acquire testimonials – These are powerful, because they share quotes from existing customers who are willing to rave about your work publicly. Request testimonials from clients you know are happy and that you have established a relationship with – and let them know how and where their testimonial will be used. Check this article for strategies on approaching customers.

Create buzz online – Social networks are all the rage, and where content gets spread quickly. A viral blog post or photo can bring lots of visitors to your website, Facebook page, etc. Use your marketing calendar to plan a regular campaign of sharing your links online. Most importantly, share other people’s links and actively engage with others in your social networks for the best result.

Gain endorsement by influencers – Famous or popular people who own your work have lots of pull. A New Jersey artist who makes hand-dyed clothing snapped a shot of singer Bette Midler wearing one of her outfits, and used a large image of that photo in her booth to gain implicit endorsement. Other artists have gotten huge publicity by exposure on national TV shows. Alternatively, you can connect with celebrities through celebrity gifting strategies, where photos are taken with stars holding or wearing your products.

Get some press – As an artist, you are fascinating to most people, and therefore, you are a perfect subject for an article! Create a press kit, reach out to reporters who fit your niche, and plan consistent outreach to gain traction. Once you have had press, it’s easier to get, because your history of press exposure will prove that you’re newsworthy.

Build your network – the more people you know who are in your industry, your niche and your arts community, the more you can share about yourself, your inspiration, your technique and your small business. The key to networking is to go in with an attitude of giving and helping, and you will then see reciprocation from others you know. It’s often who you know, not what you know that makes the difference, and growing a network is a core strategy to meeting people who can help you and your business thrive.


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