You Control Your Art Business

Create your business so that it works for you, in production and profitability.


Closing a Wholesale Customer


In our workshops, artists sometimes ask “Do I have to offer everything I make at wholesale?” The answer is a resounding “No.”

In fact, as an entrepreneur with your own art business, you can pretty much do anything you like as far as what you offer for sale in any given market. You can sell some of the items you make at wholesale, but exclude others, which you only offer at retail.

Sometimes artists have items which are strictly sold retail because the artist does not wish to have a very low price point item in their wholesale line. Or, the items may be too time-consuming to make, the materials might be available sporadically, or for other reasons.

How you structure your collections is entirely up to you. Analyze your profit margins and make sure that you are making money on everything you sell. And, make sure that your collections are cohesive and make sense to the buyer. Although a healthy price point spread will help sales, that doesn’t mean that you need to include everything you make in your line.

You can even design different collections and use different branding intended for different audiences, and retail them or wholesale them as you wish. You might even design a separate line for a large wholesale customer which has their own branding on it, as a “private collection.” Just keep your designs different enough between your collections so that there won’t be confusion.

As the owner of the business, you are in control. This gives you autonomy so that you can make decisions that work best for your market and for your own situation. Then, sell your collection as desired to build a healthy art business.



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