Bonus Materials

ABI Workshop Graduates Bonus Materials


Articles by Carolyn Edlund, Executive Director, The Arts Business Institute

The Power of Consultative Selling

How to Make Your Customers Fall in Love with You

How to Make Greater Wholesale Impact

Why You Must Start an Email Marketing Campaign

What Artists Can Learn from the Giftware Business

7 Ways to Sell One of a Kind Items Wholesale

25 Great Promotional Ideas for Artist Postcards

Maximize Your Impact: Print Ads for Artists

What Makes Wholesale Buyers Tick

Shooting Fish in a Barrel

How to Grow Your Business Through Referrals

Creative Marketing for Artists

Sales Skills for Artists: 12 Ways to Head Off Objections

Sales Skills for Artists: Handling Objections During a Sale

Why They Buy

Make an Art Marketing Calendar

Press Kits with the “Wow Factor”

Checklist for Wholesale Show Success

How to Sell to Major Retailers

Connecting Emotionally with Your Customer

Using Testimonials in Your Art Business

Target Your Market

Close Sales Faster with This New Phone App

Telling Your Artist Story

Artists, Do You Need an Agent?

8 Ways to Improve Your Online Portfolio

Sell More Artwork with In Situ Photos

How to Create an Artist Email Newsletter That Works

How to Provide Outrageously Good Customer Service

How to Scale Your Art Business

The Power of Repeat Sales

How to Make a Line Sheet

20 Cheapskate Trade Show Booth Ideas 

Interested in art licensing?

List of over 50 licensing agencies

Manufacturers that accept Submissions for Licensing

and if you are interested in online commerce …  

250+ Places Artists Can Sell Their Work Online


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Artist & Maker Pricing Strategies – We teach pricing at every live ABI workshop, because this core subject is essential to the health of your small business. Pricing correctly can make the difference between success and failure. We are pleased to now offer this course online, in an easy-to-read format, with videos, exercises and clear step-by-step instructions.  Get the course here.


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The Artsy Shark Success Guide to Email Marketing for Artists – Written by ABI Executive Director Carolyn Edlund and ABI faculty member Mckenna Hallett, this comprehensive guide include 130 pages, templates, videos, checklists, bonus materials and more. Entire course is delivered via email upon purchase. Regular price for the e-course is $47.00. Save $10 off the purchase price by entering coupon code ABIGRAD in the shopping cart upon checkout. Find the course here.


How to Wholesale A Step-by-Step Guide for the Creative Entrepreneur. Course 1 of Wholesale Academy. See it at


How to Wholesale: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Creative Entrepreneur. This foundational course on wholesaling your art or handmade products will help you get started using best practices. Find the course here.