He doesn’t do this for fun… It’s for survival!

This chameleon has learned to survive by adapting. In this global marketplace adaptation is critical to your survival. You might not need to change your color… but there are dozens of ways to alter your brand just a little so that you can step into new markets and channels. You began your business with selling […]

A Business Based on “American Made”

Susanne Williams, designer and owner of WilliNilli, discusses how her entire life has changed due to the ability to wholesale her work to galleries. Formerly, she had a career as a university professor and decided to leave the world of academe after she attended Arts Business Institute.

How Wholesaling Completely Changed My Business

After participating in many retail shows, she discovered wholesaling, which has revolutionized her business – and her life.

Creating Handmade Products “Gives Me a Voice”

His trade show experiences have created relationships with galleries, who appreciate handmade products made in America.

Knitwear Designers Tap into Green Market

Using sustainable materials and being sensitive to their impact on the environment determines their product lines and the galleries they work with.

Wholesale Start-up for Professional Artists

Introduction to wholesaling your artwork to museum shops, art galleries, jewelry stores and luxury retailers.

History of the American Craft Movement

How did the craft movement grow from hobby craft to the professional craft marketplace? Today there are more than 10,000 retailers selling contemporary American craft art.

Adding Value to your Artwork

Does your artwork speak for itself? Probably not! Every object, product or work of art needs a little help translating your message to a potential customer.

Understanding Cost of Sale for Artists

While travel expenses are obvious, there are hidden expenses that few artists count. Time out of the studio is one often neglected item.

Retail Art Fairs vs Wholesale Shows

Are you selling your work at half-price? Probably not. If you select only the “better” art fairs you’ll be able to increase your retail prices. Most artists at “average” retail fairs are already selling at wholesale!