Artist Profile: Jill Lefkowitz

That is my passion – to find new items to be my canvas to explore my art.

Artist Profile: Robin Okun

The layers of material and drawings in my paintings are metaphors for these layers carried in the bo

Artist Profile: Leora Asa

Some clients know exactly what they want, and the jobs are very straightforward; others trust my sensibilities implicitly and give me free reign.

Artist Profile: Susan Pepe

I currently have over 150 images licensed to wall art and greeting card companies, and plan to keep those relationships going.

Artist Profile: Ashley Gauntt

Each time I changed course, I couldn’t stay away from the studio after learning how to throw on the potter’s wheel in 2006 and working as a studio assistant.

Artist Profile: Cecelia Feld

From early work sewing soft sculpture using fabric and painted canvas to my present work in painting, printmaking, collage and photography, I have always dealt with the nature of abstraction.

Artist Profile: Leila Labelle

Artist Leila Labelle presents her portfolio of mixed media artworks, inspired by cultures around the world. We spoke with her about that inspiration, and her work beyond the studio.     ABI:  How did you become intrigued with kimonos and portraying them in your art? LL:  As a child, I dreamed of faraway lands. I […]

Artist Profile: Barbara Taylor-Harris

I am passionate about the future for the 3d pen as a tool for designers and artists and as a new way to teach creative thinking, develop imagination and invention for everyone’s enjoyment

Artist Profile: Lisa Farrell

I absolutely love silver…Silver is soft, polishes brilliantly and takes a patina beautifully. I add accents to my pieces with new gold (red brass) and I use thin gold sheet which I apply to the silver using a technique called keum boo.

Artist Profile: Nadia Fairlamb

I make functional and decorative mirrors, many of them with plays on blending universal symbols that are about the inherent connection of all things, which I experience regularly in meditation and dance.