Artist Profile: Mardell Rampton

Every painting is composed of hundreds of organically shaped thin rectangles…Each artwork comes to life, rectangle by rectangle, stitch by stitch, row by row until the surface layer is completed.

Artist Profile: Scooter Morris

Through an evolution of style, the paintings became a depiction of abstract landscape, where the viewer feels a certain familiarity of place.

Artist Profile: Deane Bowers

The flaws and imperfections in found objects are what make them so unique and interesting to use. These imperfections aren’t deficiencies, but rather a hidden beauty and a tangible strength.

Artist Profile: Scott Idleman

Thematically, my body of work is about connectivity…Each painting has a unique personality, some gently undulating while others are sharp and rigid to the touch. I encourage my viewers to touch and connect with the feel of the surface.

Artist Profile: Misty Maynard

I enjoy working with glass because it is so versatile. There are so many variations and techniques that the medium continues to offer new learning opportunities. It is an art form that allows you to continually evolve as an artist.

Artist Profile: Amy Parker

I rediscovered collage as a tactile medium that lent itself to my graphic aesthetic. I began making portraits where I could hide meaningful details in the layers and go crazy with shapes and colors.

Artist Profile: Christine Harris

All of my work unfolds like a story because I start with a group of observations, feelings, and ideas, and I don’t know the end until I am finished.

Artist Profile: Julie Mazzoni

My instinct thus far has been to try every kind of material and method mosaics has to offer, from handmade ceramics to minerals, stone, traditional thick cut smalti glass, glass beads and found objects

Artist Profile: Stephen Kenneth Hackley

Why do I paint what I paint? In my opinion it is time for a renaissance of beauty. I want to bring that back.

Artist Profile: Sue Majewski

Mosaic artist Sue Majewski presents her portfolio, and speaks about her background and inspiration.     ABI:  How did you originally begin creating mosaics, and how has your style developed?   SM:  In college, I took every type of art class available, from printmaking to bookmaking. Once I started breaking things apart and rearranging pieces, I knew I […]