Artist Profile: JoAnn Graham

I am striving to achieve my own sense of harmony and balance that allows the wearer to witness the connection between the client and hand of the artist.

Artist Profile: Rinal Parikh

I enjoy portraying paintings depicting my childhood memories back in India though Warli style.

Artist Profile: Deborah Mores

I love to apply bold colors across the papers and many times the vibrancy and flow suggest the topic that seems to pop into my head to cut out.

Artist Profile: Taylor Dueker

Others describe my work as ‘primitive modern’, warm, organized, associative, and ‘provocative’.

Artist Profile: Rhonda Scott

As a lifetime Alaskan, I am known for my colorful Alaskan renditions of Trees, Flowers and Landscapes.

Artist Profile: Sue Betanzos

The glass paintings not only have the main subjects of St. Francis with their pets, but also include detailed local flora and fauna. 

Artist Profile: Louise Kleinsorge Williams

Composition, hue, mood, and what the light is doing also dictate my choices.

Artist Profile: Melinda Fabian

I developed brightly colored, painted 3D paper sculpture illustrations to give them the illusion of being real.

Artist Profile: Audrey Dowling

Regardless of which medium I am using there is much idea and technique cross over in my work.

Artist Profile: Scott Coats

I like the symmetry created with the rings, and it is much easier to work with stones this way as many of them are extremely hard, making them challenging to shape and polish