Pet Portraiture as a Business

These four artists offer commissioned portraits, created in a variety of different styles and mediums that range from whimsical to realistic, that suit every taste and preference

How Direct Mail Marketing Can Boost Your Art Business

Direct mail, in the form of letters, invitations, postcards and other pieces, can help you stand out to your prospective customers, especially since it varies from the standard forms of marketing most often used today.

An Interview with Victoria Price

Without art collectors who invest in their own passionate eye and the adventure of an creative interchange with the makers of art, the world would be a vastly more limited and less true place.

Selling to the Heart

There are strong emotional reasons for customers to make that purchase of your handmade work.

Spread Your Price Points to Gain New Collectors

Here’s another reason that a price point spread matters: the very same customer may be willing to pay a lot more for your work for certain reasons.

Plan a Profitable Holiday Sale

If you want your holiday sale event to be remembered and marked on calendars, reach out to your audience on a repetitive basis.

What’s the Most Effective Art Marketing Method?

The proven way to communicate over time most effectively is through sending email.

“Starving Artist” is a State of Mind

Gaining traction and building your small business is largely about attitude and using smart strategies to distinguish your work and know where you’re going.

Tips for Taking Art Commissions

You may sell your artwork retail, wholesale, or on consignment, but chances are that at some point you will get a request to work on a commission. Here’s how to make it a painless process.     Art commissions can be a lucrative income stream, or may even be your primary source of revenue. If […]

Choose Your Customer

It’s your job to produce not only a well-made product, but use your pricing, presentation and marketing message to create a “perceived value” for the customer – the customer that you choose.