6 Ways to Increase Business with Your Existing Gallery Accounts

When your work sells well, these additional pieces might just belong in their store, too.

Is Wholesaling the Same as Discounting?

Think about your current retail prices. What you are charging right now is likely too low for your handmade work.

DIY Wholesaling – Part Three

Those existing wholesale customers will need new designs and products from you regularly, because their own retail customers love to see and buy new things.

Full Time Artist

Fascinating crossroads have transformed my world with an influx of empowering choices so that my original dreams can flourish.

Gallery Relationships 101

Staying in touch with your galleries gives you important feedback that can help your marketing, and can lead to more opportunities such as commissions.

Shipping to Retailers? Put These in the Box

Don’t forget to include these extras to help your retailers sell, and become more valuable in their eyes.

Craft Studio becomes Big Business

Much of Campbell Pottery’s production work uses a stunning blue glaze which Bill developed years ago, and has become a hallmark of their brand.

10 Ways to Become More Valuable to your Wholesale Customers

Drive all the business you can to your retailers.

Increase Stability and Profitability in Your Wholesale Business

When you sell to a variety of wholesale customers, you are less susceptible to being dramatically affected by the loss of any one account.

How to Handle Rejection

Being rejected doesn’t mean that you have failed.