What’s Your Customer IQ?

The best partnership you can make is to sell to stores where your collection fits in perfectly.

Why You’re Not Getting Reorders (and What to Do About It)

Reorders are crucial to small businesses that wholesale, because repeat business builds business. Unfortunately, many artists and craftspeople don’t write as many reorders as they could, and that means dollars are left on the table.

Ring Up the Holiday Sales

The weekend before Thanksgiving, the “CraftArt” festival with over 100 exhibitors takes place on the streets outside the gallery, adding a lot of excitement and drawing crowds who will be buying at the festival and also wander into the gallery for mo

Smart Holiday Merchandising Tips

Nancy Markoe displays a large range of handcrafted work from 500 artists in her gallery, in price points to suit any buyer.

Starting out on the Right Foot with Your Left Brain, Part 2

So the Start-up Kit is essential. Sending this information ahead of the first shipment can set up my new retail partner with something to share and the smart ones use it to get their clients crazy with anticipation of that shipment.

Is It Time to Increase Your Prices?

Wholesale buyers will rarely discontinue a good relationship with a vendor because of a price increase.

Reviving Old Accounts

If some accounts have fallen away, it doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t order again.

Artists, Are You Incommunicado?

When you fail to communicate with your customers, they forget about you.

Why Selling Wholesale is a Solid Working Model for Artists

Stabilize your small business with lower risk and strong gallery relationships.

What Artists Can Learn from the Giftware Business

It can be helpful for artists to understand how those manufacturers think, and how they promote their lines to your buyers.