Top 5 Traits of Successful Artists

How many of these traits describe you?

Buying Hyperlocal

We are pure curators with a social agenda: reviving the connection of the shopper to the seller…

10 Ways to Help Galleries Sell Your Work

Become strategic partners with your galleries to spread the word about both your business and theirs, and share your success.

How to Sell Your Artwork – Art Galleries & Agents

Many artists find that learning how to be in business and doing the marketing and sales themselves is the best path for them.

Sales Tips from a Retailer

In order to succeed, I need two things: willing customers and great selling product.

How to Make Greater Wholesale Impact

If you offer a fairly extensive line of product, and have a good reputation and sell-through, you may be able to move up to this higher level

What Makes Wholesale Buyers Tick

Although wholesale buyers might be a mystery to many artists and craftspeople, they actually have many of the same concerns you do.

The Prime of Her Life

Artists (and aspiring artists) who are at or near retirement age can take inspiration from Lorraine’s story, and her determination to reinvent her business.

Put Your Best Work Forward

A spectacular piece surrounded by your regular line grabs attention while offering less expensive alternatives to shoppers.

Partner with Your Galleries

Times have changed. Competition is stiff, and running a gallery becomes more expensive all the time. Successful artists know that they need to provide more than just merchandise to their gallery customers