How Artists Can Add Multiple Streams of Income

One reason for cultivating more than one method of earning is to keep your income steady throughout the year.

3 Huge Mistakes Artists Make in Their First Licensing Deals

When you grant a manufacturer permission to use your copyrighted images in a limited scope (which of course is called a license), you both win.

How to Sell Your Art with Print-on-Demand

Print-on-Demand providers accept and process orders, print images on products, and ship to the purchaser.

Working with an Art Licensing Agent

In the world of art licensing, there are agencies that represent groups of artists to manufacturers and others, who are the customer base for this industry

Art Licensing Trade Shows

What happens at a licensing trade show? Booth spaces are rented by individual artists, art licensing agencies, and art publishers.

How to Sell Your Artwork – Licensing

Artists who license must understand the proper formats to use, how to submit their work, and the details of licensing contracts.