Telling Your Artist Story – Part Two

What is really compelling about what you do? Gauge the response and see what leads to further interest in your work.

Telling Your Artist Story – Part One

But other people want to know about you and about your work. Artists are very interesting to the general public.

Earn Your Customers’ Love and Loyalty

Nothing says you care like a speedy reply to a query or issue, either through email or a phone call.

Know Your Target Market

When you truly care about and are committed to the niche you are approaching, you understand and “click” with the people there.

How an Artist Embraced Her Business Side

She understands the value of these customers because of the great potential of repeat orders and long-term potential of lasting business relationships.

The Value of Your Customer Base

You might think it’s your studio equipment or perhaps your inventory, but the truth is that your customer base is one of the most important and often the most valuable asset you have.

Sales Aids for Artists

Planning to market and sell more of your work? Consider using these “sales aids” that help to share your collection in versatile ways.

Is Your Art Website Mobile-Friendly?

Websites that are not mobile-friendly are frustrating to read and view.

“Starving Artist” is a State of Mind

Gaining traction and building your small business is largely about attitude and using smart strategies to distinguish your work and know where you’re going.

Tips for Taking Art Commissions

You may sell your artwork retail, wholesale, or on consignment, but chances are that at some point you will get a request to work on a commission. Here’s how to make it a painless process.     Art commissions can be a lucrative income stream, or may even be your primary source of revenue. If […]