What You Can Learn from Your Competition

Other artists and makers who are in the same “space” in the market have run into similar problems, and many have found solutions and ways to grow.

A Critical Strategy to Grow Your Creative Business

One of the most critical strategies success in building a small business is developing a network of people who are supportive of you, interested in what you do and who can introduce you to others.

Podcast: Enviable Life of the Working Artist

“The Enviable Lifestyle of the Working Artist” is a 40 minute long, wide-ranging discussion on the challenges of making a living today as a creative entrepreneur.

How Your Art Community Can Work for You

Gather with artists and others in the community to broaden your knowledge, and learn about resources that can grow your small business much more quickly than working alone

10 Mistakes that Stop Your Creative Business in its Tracks

Throwing yourself out there means that you are taking a risk. But the biggest risk of all is not even starting.

Is Your Art Business taking a Detour?

Have you been pulled in different directions, and gotten completely off track? Use these suggestions to help keep yourself focused.

Dealing with Overwhelm

To make your clear vision a reality for yourself and your business, you must achieve certain goals, and so you must identify and set them.

Many Reasons to Join a Guild

If you are just starting out, becoming a guild member can give you the help you need to overcome initial challenges and grow your business.

10 Essentials for Launching and Growing Your Art Business

It can be confusing and frustrating trying to be successful if you don’t get organized and start thinking like a businessperson as well as a creative spirit.

Why Artists Need Mentors – and How to Find One

Two incredibly important factors really determine the success of creative entrepreneurs – surrounding themselves with a supportive community and finding a mentor.